George Handley: Ideology as World Creation

by Jason A. Kerr

As I’ve mentioned before, George Handley’s Home Waters blog seems to be something of a kindred spirit to Historicisms. Unsurprisingly, then, his latest post happens to resonate with this week’s content over here. His angle is more theological, whereas mine (at least for the moment) is more political, but the ideas are very similar. Let his opening paragraph offer a foretaste of my next two posts:

By way of confession, I think it is fair to say that, despite many liberal tendencies, I also have a cautious and conservative disposition. I move back and forth, almost like a perpetual tide, between a desire to see the world as standing in need of radical change and a caution against my own vain and inflated sense of what I want to believe is my incisive and correct judgment of the world. Given our tendency to accept and even justify a status quo that is harmful and insufficient, I am convinced I and we all must change, and yet I also feel a nagging and honest disagreement that convinces me that deep self-scrutiny is necessary. Which is to say, like everyone else, I suppose, my disposition is both a weakness and a strength. It is what it is. I don’t pretend to glorify it, since all dispositions deserve a healthy dose of self-questioning.

Head on over and read the whole post; it’s excellent.

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